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Cost Law – Legal Costing Solutions Manchester & London

Listed below are the various different areas of practice we cover and provide our expert legal and client-focused services.

  • Draft bills/schedules of costs

  • Draft points of dispute and replies to claims for costs

  • Cost budgets presented by an opposing party

  • Retainers and fee arrangements

  • Costs from public funds (Legal Aid)

  • Disputes between solicitor/clients

  • Costs mediators or arbitrator in costs disputes

Costs Budgeting: All of our costs budgets are bespoke. We don’t rely on pro forma documents as every costs budget we prepare is an accurate reflection of the costs which are likely to be incurred.

Advocacy for Costs and Case Management Conferences: Drafting detailed comparison documents and schedules of objections to opponents’ budgets; representation at a CCMC by an experience advocate; and preparation of outline submissions or skeleton arguments for use by Counsel.

Costs Management until conclusion of the substantive claim: Ongoing costs auditing, to ensure that the costs you are incurring do not exceed the amounts approved for each phase; formal advice on any technical costs management issues; drafting applications where costs budgets require revision; and attending the hearings of those applications.

Detailed Bills of Costs/Schedule of Costs: We prepare a detailed bill of costs for approval by you within 10 working days. We have an in-depth knowledge of litigation and specialist costs expertise, which is used to maximise the costs claimed in our client’s bills of costs. Our priorities are to maximise the recovery of out client’s costs, in the shortest possible time, whilst maintaining the highest levels of technical expertise and customer care.

Negotiations and Replies to Points of Dispute: Our negotiators are highly trained and deal with each case on its own merits. If negotiated settlements cannot be achieved within a timely manner, the files will be passed to our highly skilled advocates to prepare detailed replies to points of dispute.

Provisional and Detailed Assessment hearings: We prepare bundles for the hearing and our experienced professional advocates can attend any Detailed Assessment Hearings.

Electronic Transfer of Files: Precision Legal utilise the Proclaim system for our own case management and have the ability to accept files by the export facility provided by Eclipse.

Weekly Reports and Regular Update Meetings: We tailor our service to suit the specific needs of our clients. Whether you want to be updated every step of the way, or would rather we simply reported to you when the case has settled, we provide a bespoke service to each and every one of our clients.

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Ben Hampson

I have used Precision solicitors a few times now for various services. They are brilliant and will be using them again. Chris and Nick especially helpful.


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