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No Win No Fee Motorbike Accident Claims Manchester & London

Did you know? During 2017 there were over 18,000 reported motorbike accidents in the UK, of which 349 were fatal. 19% of road traffic accidents involved a motorbike.

At Precision Solicitors we have some avid motorbike enthusiasts who can help you with any motorbike accident claim from minor injuries worth £1000+ to fatal accidents that can be worth £1,000,000+

How much is your motorbike claim worth?

Depending on your injuries and the length of your suffering will often determine what your claim is worth.

Choosing the right solicitor will also help you financially, if you choose an expert with experience in motorbike accidents then they should be able to achieve more compensation for you compared to someone with no experience.

Below are some examples of what compensation we have managed to achieve for past clients:

Mr Tillman – £350,000
He sustained broken bones in his arms and legs after being knocked of his bike by a coach. Following 12+ months of rehabilitation we managed to settle his claim for £350,000.

Mr Rigby – £35,000
Mr Rigby was knocked off his bike by a car from a side a road. He broke his wrist and shin bone. After the third party disputed liability we managed to win the case on behalf of Mr Rigby and achieve £35,000 compensation for him.

How to make a motorbike claim


If you are reading this then it’s probably post accident. The first thing to do is to never accept liability/fault if you are unsure. Sometimes the third party may pressurise or make you doubt your own perception of the accident and what happened. If you are at this stage you should call an expert solicitor for a no obligation conversation to assess what happened and your options.

At Precision solicitors we offer a 30 minute free phone call to advise you on your options and how much your claim could be worth. If you choose to use us, then obviously we will work tirelessly and do our best to win you the maximum compensation you deserve.

How long does a motorbike accident claim take?


For minor injuries where liability is admitted immediately, we can sometimes achieve an offer from the third party within 3 months. If your injury is serious and worth more than £5,000 then it’s quite common for these type of claims to take more than 3 months.

If you would like a no obligation conversation about your accident claim and how long it may take then we can advise you based on what you tell us about your injuries.

What to do if you have had a motorbike accident?


The ‘what to do’ process for most road traffic accidents is the same.

Click the link below to following the guidelines and download your free printable what to do form. Our best advise is print a few off and keep them in your car glove compartment. If/When you have an accident you will often be in shock, your mind may go blank and collating the right information at the time of the accident is vital.

Ben Hampson

I have used Precision solicitors a few times now for various services. They are brilliant and will be using them again. Chris and Nick especially helpful.


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